The Yahalom Foundation works to create projects tailored to support the unit’s soldiers, both those in service as well as civilian life. The foundation’s ambition is to provide these soldiers with a comprehensive support framework so they can make the most of their military service and actualize their full potential when they finish.

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Throughout its years of activity, the foundation has created a vast network of alumni that spans among a rich variety of ecosystems. In order to achieve this network’s full potential, a project was initiated to connect alumni and foster business connections in order to find job searching solutions for newly released soldiers.

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In conjunction with the foundation’s aim to provide every member of the unit with full support, workshops are held for soldiers who are in the last leg of their service. These workshops include a multitude of panels, guest lectures, and guided personal preparation for what’s to come in civilian life.

The Yahalom Foundation believes that the transition between military service and civilian life is the ideal moment to strengthen the bond between the foundation and newly released soldiers, combatants or non-combatants, because it serves as the quintessential opportunity to provide these soldiers with a protected and reliable pillar as they enter into the next chapter of their lives.

As a part of the effort to alleviate the transition into civilian life, the foundation assembled a group of alumni experts. These experts are individuals who have a wide range of skills and knowledge, and this networking service is available to all newly released soldiers. Its purpose is to act as a sounding board, a safe space to ask any questions they might have regarding civilian life, finding a job, getting into college, and any other concerns.

All the consultants are alumni who have already had the experience of dealing with the trials of this transition, and their principal role is to serve as a mentor for these soon-to-be civilians.

We carefully match each soldier with the most suitable alumni. Reach out to us via email if you’re interested.

The Tail Wind Project was founded to help the unit’s lone soldiers adjust to life in Israel. Working with Benji’s House, the Benji Hillman Foundation, this endeavor holds events and mentors soldiers during and after their military service.

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Part of the foundation’s vision is making higher education a reality for all our alumni. The foundation provides scholarships in order to help its alumni with living costs and tuition during college.

Scholarships are worth 10,000 shekels and require 130 annual hours of volunteer service.

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By far the foundation’s most important project, volunteers build and maintain meaningful relationships with war-bereaved families, accompanying them to events that memorialize fallen soldiers, and providing them with support during the hardest of times.

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During their military service, many teams encountered combat situations that left deep and permanent scars. The Yahalom Foundation works with the NATAL Foundation, which brings these teams together for meetings where they can discuss their traumatic experiences with each other, with guidance from professionals.

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