Foundation membership

The Yahalom Foundation welcomes members from an array of backgrounds: unit alumni, combatants, and non-combatants. The foundation promotes and champions a strong support network for the unit’s alumni, and organizes many projects for the soldiers, as well as for families of fallen soldiers. Foundation members participate in a wide variety of community-driven activities, social projects, and initiatives.

For a small annual fee of 100 shekels, you will be given exclusive benefits, receive support from foundation members and staff in a wide range of fields, and have access to many social activities throughout the year.

Why should you become a member?

  • Job placement – the foundation puts substantial weight on building and refining a wide network of connections with executives in a myriad of industries and has a vast placement operation that helps alumni find work.
  • Benefits – members get a free subscription to the prestigious HiTech Zone club which provides hundreds of discounts across the country.
  • Scholarships – members have the opportunity to apply to the annual college scholarships that the foundation awards.
  • Alumni meetings – the foundation acts to create and maintain the social bonds of its members after they finish their military service.

Social involvement

  • Lone soldier support – work with industry leaders to provide support for lone soldiers through creating a vast money-raising network so that these soldiers can finish their service with “honor”.
  • War-bereaved families – the foundation’s volunteer staff provides year-round support for grieving families, with the aim to assuage the adjustment to the harsh reality of losing a loved one.
  • Fallen remembrance – take part in the foundation’s memorial events that have the objective to remember the unit’s fallen soldiers and maintain their legacy.
  • Social activism – advocate a desire to volunteer through a wide range of social initiatives that is advantageous to all of Israel’s communities.