The Foundation

Who are we?

 The Yahalom foundation was founded in 2015, and is the alumni foundation of the IDF unit, Yahalom. It encompasses several generations of Yahalom soldiers, coming from different companies.

The foundation is a non-profit organization. 100% of its revenue is allocated to social activities benefiting IDF troops and active duty and reserves, with the eventual goal to serve all communities throughout Israel.

Foundation Vision

Build and maintain a high-quality volunteer-based infrastructure that aids communities in Israel, and while preserving a strong Yahalom alumni branch that a) enriches these soldiers’ personal and professional abilities, and b) strengthens the unit’s legacy and passes it on to further generations.

Foundation Goals

  • Support Yahalom’s soldiers during their military service and ease their transition from army life to civilian life.
  • Strengthen the connection between the unit and its alumni, as well as the connections among its alumni in order to promote cooperation in both social and professional endeavors.
  • Support Yahalom’s lone soldiers while providing financial and logistical aid.
  • Develop the unit’s legacy, the memory of its fallen soldiers and fortifying the relationships with their families.
  • Create social projects and opportunities for the Yahalom alumni that promote social activism and ultimately benefits all of Israel.