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After dealing with a lot of lines, a fellow Transformer aficionado was curious what the difference between "better" and "much better" meant. He found my initial Transformers page, but was still confused by the meaning of the term.

First and foremost:

* The term, "Much better", is not limited to the absolute best thing you could possibly say. It could just as easily mean "very much better" (as in "that is much better than the last one"), "better than you expected" (which is what happens when your friend buys you a $1,000 gift and you say "it was much better than you expected") or, most commonly, "much better than you had anticipated."

* If I'm to follow your logic, the same should be true for the phrase "much better".

* It's not as serious as "worse" or "very much worse" (but note that "much worse" is not even gramatically correct).

* It's not solely a flattering statement like "I think you're much better than that." (That's a different thing and you can see my explanation of that phrase at my article on compliments.)

* Like most adjectives, "much better" can be applied to all things.

* When I used it, it was in my own words in order to emphasize my enjoyment of something.

* It doesn't mean that the subject of the phrase has to be a thing of my own creation. For example, when I use it to describe a favorite film, it is just a film that I enjoyed.

And that is why I've continued using it.

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Shortly after the movie's release, O'Toole was accosted by a stranger who said that the actor had won the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role. O'Toole was stunned and replied, "You've got to be kidding