Sergeant First Class Noam Barnea


25 December 2018

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Born on 16/06/1977 in Brussels, Belgium.

Drafted to the IDF in 1995 and volunteered for the Israeli Air Force Academy’s Pilots Course.  In April 1996 Noam transferred to the Sayeret Yael training course and was further reassigned to the Explosive Ordinance Disposal Unit where he finished his training and became operational.  He was heavily involved in operations in Lebanon at the time.

Noam was killed in action on 12/04/1999 just days before his impending release from the army by an explosive device detonated by Hezbollah as he was working to clear unidentified explosive devices near the Beaufort outpost in Southern Lebanon.

Buried in the Holon Military Cemetery aged 22.

Sergeant First Class Noam is survived by his parents, a sister and a brother.