Major Natan (Nati) Yahav


25 December 2018

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Born on 19/06/1970 in Tel Aviv.

Drafted to the IDF’s Combat Engineering Corps in 1988 and was assigned to Sayeret Yael (Engineering Reconnaisance).  Nati completed Officers Course and was appointed Engineering Officer for Sayeret Yael.

After his release from the IDF, Nati was assigned to the Combat Engineering Company of the Paratroopers Brigade in Reserves, initially as a Reconnaissance Platoon leader and later as the Company Commander.

Two weeks after the outbreak of the Second Lebanon War, Nati was drafted for immediate Reserve Duty.  His Company entered Lebanon on 08/08/2006 with Kfar Reshef (Reshef Village) in South Lebanon as its objective.

Nati was killed on 09/08/2006 at 12:24 in Kfar Debel after two anti-tank missiles hit the building in which he and his soldiers were located.

He fell in combat in South Lebanon along with eight of his soldiers.

Buried in the Kiryat Shaul Military Cemetery in Tel Aviv aged 36.

Major Nati is survived by his wife and two children, parents and two sisters.